In Autos Plaza we offer the most demanded utilities by users, ensuring the good condition of the vehicle. We renew cars very frequently, so we guarantee that renting a car in Tenerife cheap and with all the features in Autos Plaza will be to your complete satisfaction.


Rent of vans in Tenerife

If you are one of the tourists looking for something more than sun, rest and sw

imming pool in Tenerife… The best option for your trip and the material or luggage you need is a van like our Berlingos. These will allow you to transport bicycles, diving equipment, golf equipment, surf or whatever you need.

Also if you come on holiday with family or group of friends the best option is our VW Caddy of up to 7 seats that will allow you to move more quickly and all together without having to travel in two cars or incur double expenses.


Renting a van for sightseeing has advantages:

  1. Reduced cost when divided up to 7 people.
  2. Speed when moving and visiting tourist places, since it is not necessary to park two cars, only one.
  3. In addition, you pay a parking not two.
  4. Ability to carry bulky luggage, suitcases, photographic material, golf clubs, bicycles, surfboards, etc.



For punctual delivery the rent of a van offers advantages such as:

  • Savings of insurance costs, since it is included.
  • Saving of time, as it has a greater volume of load and has to make fewer journeys between the loading and unloading points.
  • And comfort and speed, as the load can be placed inside the van without the effort of “relocating” it.

Of course, the greatest demand for van rental is concentrated on a personal level, but in recent times companies and professionals may need at times a vehicle of large dimensions to facilitate the movement of objects and goods.

If you cannot find the model you need, we will show you a list of all the vehicles that Tenerife Rent a Car currently offers.


Rent a car 7 seats

If you are looking for a 6-seat car rental, or if you need to transport up to 7 people from the airport to the hotel or simply show Tenerife to family and guests, Autos Plaza offers large capacity car rental. Whether you have guests at a wedding or party or just need to take your friends home you can do so with our 7 seater vehicles.


Renting a vehicle with 7 seats Tenerife has as advantages:

  1. A reduced cost when the expenses are divided between up to 7 people and the insurance is included.
  2. Speed when moving and visiting tourist places, as there is no need to wait in line for taxis, buses or trains.
  3. Great capacity of load of suitcases, luggage and other type of material.
  4. All our vehicles can be driven with the B card, without the need for special cards and can carry up to 3,500 kg total weight.
  5. Ability to rent also GPS, maxicosis or baby seats.
  6. Insurance included in the Island of Tenerife and crane service for breakdown.
  7. Comfort and speed, as you pick up the car at the airport and deliveries at the hotel or wherever you want.
  8. Reservations from our form and tell us where you pick up the car and where you leave it and what time.



To rent your car in Tenerife do not hesitate to go to Autos Plaza, as we are committed to maintaining each vehicle in perfect condition, thus ensuring maximum quality and safety every time you request our services. We have several delivery points, either because you have done the rental of your car in Tenerife north, or because you have come from the south and will rent a car in Tenerife south, you will have a quick delivery and on time, with the quality that distinguishes us.

If you do not find the model that fits your needs, you can also check our car rental offers, or the wide variety of vehicles that make up our fleet.

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